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East Hampton CT Museum Exhibit

Bevin Bell MFG.

Through the years more than 30 companies have made bells in East Hampton, CT earning it the nickname of Bell Town USA.  Bevin Brothers is the only remaining bell manufacturer in East Hampton and still remains in the Bevin family. Stop by the Museum to see our historic bell display.

Camp Wopowog

Was a rustic summer resort that accommodated 400 campers from the early 1900s to the early 1960s. Later it became Camp Halburn and Camp Ramah.  Historically the name Wopowog is derived from a Native American word that means "the crossing place" or "the land at the narrows."

East Hampton CT Museum
East Hampton, CT Museum

Wangunk Indians

They were really the first people,” said Gary O’Neil, a descendent of the tribe that called the areas around East Hampton Middletown and Portland home.Gary O’Neil has become the family historian, and in the process….the tribes keeper of lineage, history, births, deaths, pictures and places of the Wangunks rich Connecticut history.

American Distilling

Witch hazel grows in profusion in New England woods, in rocky, well-drained soils.

The witch hazel branches that the Native Americans boiled in clay pots are now "cooked" in huge, pressurized, stainless-steel vessels during a six-hour distilling process.


East Hampton, CT Museum
CT Historical Society Museum

N.N. Brass Mill Factory

The succes of this factory was largely based upon an innovative process for stamping bells from sheet metal, a development that revolutionized the industry. Between 1901 and 1902 they developed the Sterling Continuous Ringing Chimes, which was the precursor to the thumb operated handlebar bell found on bicycles throughout the 20th century.

Governor Bill O'Neill

Connecticut's 84th governor, William Atchison O'Neill, was born in Hartford, CT on Aug 11, 1930. O'Neil grew up in East Hampton, CT and attended the town's public schools before taking classes at  Central Connecticut State University.

East Hampton, CT 06424

Gong Bell - Hubley Toys

In 1872, Barton patented a toy called “Revolving Chimes” described as “a pair of cast brass gongs, mounted between two malleable iron wheels.” This was the beginning of Gong Bell's toy making history. The company also manufactured the first foot bell ever used on automobiles.

East Hampton, CT Chatham Historical Society

Highlights of the displays at the Museum include:


Photographs, Antique Toys and Historical Memorabilia

from Bevin Bell, Gong Bell, American Distilling, shipbuilding and so much more.


Established in 1963, The Chatham Historical Society is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of bringing together people interested in the History of East Hampton, Cobalt, and Middle Haddam, CT.



Events & More

We also sponsor: Annual Antique Appraisal Day; Old School Day where students from Center School attend class in the schoolhouse; a calendar featuring historical attractions; speakers; field trips and more.






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CT Historical Society Museum

East Hampton, CT Museum
East Hampton, CT 06424

East Hampton CT Historical Society Museum

East Hampton CT Historical Society Museum

East Hampton CT Historical Society Museum